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“If you want to draw water you do not dig six one-foot wells. You dig one six-foot well.” - Buddha

Instructional Focus Areas: Aggressively Monitor

1. State clear, explicit directions for independent work

2. Establish compliance and strong independent work habits

· Be seen looking at Pastore’s Perch for 30 seconds.

3. Aggressively monitor

· Circulate with lesson plan and pen in hand; move from High à Medium à Low

· Gather data on student mastery using tally marks or initials on LP.

· Code student work with clear, actionable feedback. Then quickly move on to other students.

· Manage room by scanning frequently & positioning body to face class at all times.

Move quickly around the room; give occasional reminders about pacing to promote urgency.

1. Choose a response to data

· Select one of the pre-planned responses based on class’ level of mastery.

2. State the trend aloud + Follow through on response to data plan

· Most don’t have it: “It looks like we’re struggling with this. Let’s back up and break the problem down.”

· About half have it: About 50% of us have it. I’m going to Show Call what Damian and Tamara wrote. I want you and your partner to decide with whom you agree and why.”

· Most have it: “Most of us have it. I’m going to Show call Kieara’s. I want you and your partner to discuss how this could be improved.” Or, “most have it, let’s move on and dive deeper”

Targeted Teaching Time

Here is a revised Targeted Teaching Time template that could be used to gather data to synthesize based on 1-2 focus questions you are checking mastery for during circulation.

Cultural Focus Areas

100% Compliance/Do It Again - ensure that TIGHT expectations are set and upheld with Rocketeers at all times.

*In observations throughout the month, coaches may give you in-the-moment feedback to have students re-do an expectation and/or they may provide feedback on ensuring 100% compliance (peer-to-peer tracking, STAR, carpet seating, etc.)

  • Check out Ms. Barr's and Mrs. Potter's classroom for what high expectations for strong peer-to-peer tracking looks like in action; check out Ms. Semeka Hill with her recess cohorts for high expectations with HALLS!

Uniform - Have tight radar around Rocketeer shirts being tucked in and non-purple jackets/sweaters are hung back up after recess.

Positive Framing

I have received feedback from our Parent Leadership Group about family concerns around hearing staff members use negative, degrading tones of voice with our Rocketeers. I know that this time of year can be exhausting and stressful, but remember that:

1) parents/families trust us to treat their child with the respect that they all deserve

2) there is nothing that we are seeing from student misbehavior now that we have not seen before and handled with finesse

3) they are children - they are not adults

4) we are always teaching someone else's child

LiveSchool is beginning to skew a high negative and low positive ratio; be sure to use LS to help build a positive culture in your classroom.

Some suggestions that our two rising Assistant Principals (Mrs. Potter and Mr. Frazier) shared with me as suggestions for ensuring a safe and calm atmosphere in order to prevent negative tones (especially during/after a transition when energy levels rise):

  • Cool Down Time: build in time to have your class "cool down" silently before and after a transition - silent reading, play soft classical music, etc.
  • Positive Narration: intentionally increase your positive narration during via Core Value Rockets, green LiveSchool Points, public shout outs, etc.

Also, use the examples positive framing statements (below) when responding to off task behavior.

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PBIS Walkthrough - Friday, May 6th

On Friday (5/6), members from our Rocketship Network PBIS Team will be on campus throughout the day to conduct a PBIS walkthrough.

They will be observing classroom culture, teacher-student interactions and teacher response to off task behavior as well as teacher response to on task behavior. Moreover, they are also looking to see how classrooms are reflective of an environment that is safe and positive for Rocketeers to thrive in.

Tighter School Culture

As I am conducting walkthroughs in various areas of our campus, below are some noticings that I have observed that we need to end immediately in order to have a tight culture for the remainder of the school year:

  • Students standing outside of classrooms - students should never be sent to stand outside of a classroom door for any reason.
  • Sending more than one student to the restroom at a time - only one student with one pass at a time should use the restroom
  • Classroom lights should be on at all times
  • Teachers should be in hallways during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal to ensure a zone 0 hallway; car riders should be released from teachers at a zone 0 so that car dismissal staff can have a calm, positive environment in the cafeteria

Self-Care Tips: Relax and De-Stress

I know that this is stressful time of year. Take a look through some of these ways to

1. Breathe deeply. Actually feel and listen to yourself breathe deeply. I'm committing to doing this more this week.

2. Playlist. Create a fun, upbeat playlist to listen to on your commute to school, during your prep and on the way home in the afternoon. For me, two words sum this up: Lemonade. Beyonce.

3. Something that makes you happy. Make a promise to yourself to do something one afternoon this week so that you look forward to doing it throughout the week. For example, make a fun plan for Thursday afternoon and plan to leave school as soon as dismissal is over so that you can re-energize yourself in some sunshine! For me, I'm promising myself to eat on my patio at least once this week while the sun is out and to visit Kirkland's (my favorite store!) another evening.

4. Relaxing Bath. Take a bath each night or a few times this week. Light candles and have a soft playlist going to help you relax.

5. Grace. Give yourself, our Rocketeers and each other unconditional grace.

Shout Outs: Data Analysis!

I have included each of these shining examples of data tracking in this week's Launcher again so that we can borrow from the awesome ideas of our teammates!

Ms. Bing - student-facing reflection tracker

Mr. Frazier - student facing reflection tracker

Ms. Linehan - exit ticket data tracker

Mr. Frazier - exit ticket data tracker (for "bubble" students)

Mrs. Potter - visual class tracker (check out her velcro to make it time efficient for her to update)

Mrs. Johnson - exit ticket visual tracker + word problem visual tracker

Mr. Summitt - daily data analysis of "bubble" students

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Mother Son Luncheon

Please bring in desserts, tomorrow, to donate for our Mother/Son Luncheon! The luncheon will take place during lunch periods.
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Real Men Read: Volunteers Still Needed!

Please continue to recruit men for our Real Men Read Celebration Day on Friday, May 27th.

We will begin serving breakfast at 7:30am and the male volunteers will be in classrooms reading to and with our Rocketeers from 8:50-9:30.

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RNNE Assessment + Event Calendars

As we begin to approach this last stretch of the school year, there are many events taking place over the course of the next two months along with EOY testing (TN Ready, STEP, cumulative, MAP).

Be sure to reference this calendar for events that are coming up so that you aren't caught off guard!

Note: Minimum Days for Parent/Teacher Conferences the last three days of school.

Here is the assessment calendar for the year for you to reference. *We are looking at adjusting the STEP assessment window, so will follow up with more details (the adjustment would allow for more weeks of instruction before the window begins versus starting earlier).

The STEP window is open and closes on May 20th.

MAP Testing Schedule

Please refer to the MAP logistics (e-mail sent by Danny yesterday) that the MAP Testing Team (Caity, Danny, Rachel and David) created.
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