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Values, Beliefs, and Assumptions of a Teacher Leader


Communication: Teacher leaders need to make communication a priority. They need to be able to communicate with every one they are working with. Communicating expectations and discussing any issues that may come up is very important. They need to be a good listener as well.

Respect: Showing respect to everyone you work with is essential to being a leader. If you want respect you need to earn it by showing everyone else the same respect. Take into consideration that everyone is not just like you, they may think, act, and do things differently than you do.

Integrity: Leaders need to have integrity. They have to be willing to do the right thing at all times. They need to be honest and trustworthy. Honesty is a very important trait. Your team needs to be able to trust you. They need to know that you are being honest with them at all times. Being honest will help to build respect and rapport with your team.

Teamwork: Working with your team is the best way to be a leader. Everyone on your team is valuable and their thoughts, opinions, feelings, and ideas are important. Creating a team that works together is a valuable asset.

Minions - Teamwork :))


Collaboration: I believe that leaders should collaborate with members of their team. It is important that all members of the team feel valued and important. All members should work together on projects, programs, and lessons. Everyone should bring something to the table.

Education/ Training: Training and education are a valuable asset. There is always room for growth for all teachers. Leaders will need additional training in order to be the best leader they can. They will need training as well as support from other leaders who have more experience.

Kindness and Professionalism: There is nothing worse than a leader who is mean or on a power kick. Leaders should be kind, understanding and professional at all times. They should not feel as though they are better than the members of their team simply because they are leaders.


I assume that teacher leaders will earn their position and not have it simply handed it to them. They should be trained and educated before assuming this position. I would think they would have a mentor to help them adjust. Ongoing training should be in place throughout their first year. They should be monitored by a higher authority to ensure that they are comfortable, knowledgeable and successful.

Teacher leaders should not abuse their authority. They should value and respect all members of their team at all times. They should use their position of to achieve all their goals, and to lead others to be successful. They should create a team that works and respects each other.