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Fun Facts!!

Some facts about our clan is.
*We have a teacher for each gender.

*They send 18 year old boys out to war.

*They have a democracy.

*The council of 500 lets rich or poor join.Guess how many people they let join 500.

*The generals lead the army and the navy and also they can serve as judges.

*They have everyone participates in the government.

*The Athens is one of the top city-states.

*They use a group called a assembly that makes the laws.

Athen's Democracy

Here at the Athens democracy we are fair to everyone.We think thats its fair for everyone to participate in our government.In our government is very supreme. In our government we have people make decisions for how our government operates.

Guaranteed for the best!


The woman in Athens were not treated well. But they don't treat the slaves that bad they make them do farming,also they can do household work or work in a office.The men do most of the educational stuff or political matters.But these jobs are only for the lucky ones because the others work in the silver mines.