Human Enterovirus 68,70

Paige Granstaff

Descriptionof the Human Enterovirus 68 and 70.

HEV68- Has a Crystallography and structure-based drug design.

HEV70- has a non-enveloped spherical, about 30nm in diameter surrounding the naked RNA genome. The capsid consists of adensley packed icosahedral arrangement of 60 protomers each consisting of 4 polypeptides VP1-VP4.

Symptons,treatment.and specific host cell.

The symptons of HEV 68,and 70 are; fever,runny nose, sneezing, coughing, muscle aches and wheezing/hard time breathing.

Treatment for the HEV is, an Analgesics to relive the severe pain,but you can not cure it fully you have to let the virus run its course.

Host Cell: Human/Animal Cell.

Mode of transmission and diseases caused by HEV

To transmit the HEV is by coughing on eachother, or sneezing on someone.

Diseases caused by the HEV; hand,foot ans mouth disease. And Poliovirus and the poliomyelitis virus.