Life on the Gold Fields

By Mary

Different types of Mining.

There are three different types of mining. These are Alluvial, Shaft and Reef mining.

Alluvial mining is the simplest method and very popluar as it wasn't dangerous and didn't cost as much to mine. Alluvial mining was found just under the surface next to river banks where the water had washed it and dug it up. Soon the surface gold ran out and lead to people having to dig deeper to find gold.

When the surface gold ran out Shaft mining became popluar as lots more people were finding gold and becoming rich. It was definitely the hardest method of mining as you dug a hole ten meters deep and one meter wide then you were lowered down into your hole by your team members so that you could collect the gold fron the bottom of the hole. It was much easier to find larger chunks of gold as it hadn't all been mined up.

Finally there was Reef mining. This was the last method of mining as you needed expensive machines to break up the rock. As well as being the easiest was to find large chunks of gold it was also the most dangerous way to mine as due to the lack of oxygen, the lose soil above you and the poisoned air found deep under the ground many miners died.