Benedict Arnold

By Sadiyah Dexter


Benedict Arnold is famous around the world for his acts of duty, love, and treachery. When he was young everyone in his town knew him as a rambunctious dare devil. Growing up he was loyal to America then became a loyalist. During his treachery he fell in love twice and had a family to love and care for. Now you will read about the chaotic life of Benedict Arnold.

Never a Coward

Benedict was a dare devil in his home town, as a young child he was always playing pranks, it was part of his daily routine. No one dared to call him a coward. Not even his own mother could keep him under control, he once led a group that exploded a cannon. One thanksgiving day, him and some friends rolled barrels of tar into the town green to start a traditional bonfire. When the officers came Benedict swung his fists so they marched him home. His mother apprenticed him to her cousins and constantly bribed him with letters full of sweets to behave. When he was young he got into lots of trouble as a little devil would.

His Treachery

Around the world Benedict Arnold became a famous traitor. He was self centered and other officers found him difficult to work with. Arnold resented anyone who challenged him or stood in his way. Benedict was a general but he felt it wasn't a high enough rank so he became a spy for the British. He owed the government money. George tried to save Arnold's pride. Peggy, Arnold's wide, thought Benedict was going to kill her baby so she started screaming, this gave him time to escape. Weeks after his escape Washington opened one of his letters. It was to Benedict explaining British commands. George stated "Arnold his betrayed us, whom can we trust now?" Benedict now has an adjective of traitor.

His Family

Benedict had a big and loving family. Margaret, his early wife left him with three sons. Peggy's father or Arnold's father in law was a loyalist. Arnold impressed Mr. Shippen by protecting loyalists. Mr. Shippen thought that since Benedict was such a powerful rebel he would offer his family and property valuable protection. Peggy accompanied him to dances, music recitals, and the theater. March, 1780 Peggy's first son Edward was born. In the end he had seven sons and one daughter. Richard, James, George, William, Benedict, Edward, Henry, and Sophia.


Benedict's life in one word would be chaotic. He was always playing pranks in his home town. Benedict was so full of himself he became a traitor just for a higher rank. In the end his family was big and caring, they loved him very much. Many things happened in Arnold's life but I have summed it up for you in five paragraphs.


town green- a tree shaded park, a busy city square, or a quiet churchyard is a familiar New England icon

apprenticed- to be employed or trained

traitor- a person that betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

resented- to feel bitterness, indignation, or hatred at a person

loyalist- a person loyal to the crown:example king or queen



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