Shoot for the Stars

No matter what get's in your way...

By: Shreya Vellala

What is perseverance?

Perseverance can be defined by the strength that you put toward your goal. It means you never let anything get in your way and keep going. Being resilient is a key for someone to persevere. When you face an adversity you have to bounce back up and keep going. The way people define perseverance can not be narrowed down to one definition. When you face an adversity all you need to do is to persevere through it.

Compare & Contrast

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Description of Leukemia

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Cause and Effect of a Pizza Genius!

Have you ever wondered about who made your delicious Domino's Pizza? Tom Monahan, is a very well known. Tom had a very difficult life before become the successful man he is. Going back to 1960, Tom had a passion for making pizza. He started his own little pizza shack with the help of his brother. Tom's shop really began to be a very popular place. When summer came everyone went home and his pizza shop didn't make any money. His brother began to follow his own career and dint show as much interest in the business anymore. Due to the lack of customers Tom began going into debt. Since his brother wasn't there to help Tom started to raise money on his own. He would wake up early in the morning to make all the ingredients himself. He could not afford to pay people to do it for him. As school started up again people came back to campus and began eating there. Tom got out of his debt and had a thought of making his shop bigger, so more people would know about it. This idea that he had change the life of people all around the world and himself. He later on started a company called Domino's Pizza. Domino's currently has 368 stores all around the world. Throughout all the adversities he faced, he a successful business and a smile on his face!

Facing Real World Problems, then finding a solution!

Ashes of Rose, a story about a girl coming from Ireland. Rose Nolan, a girl trying to live life in the Big Apple. Not only is she taking care of her self, she has her 12 year old sister with her. Rose didn't start of with a job it took a while for her to make it to New York and start a life here. Without her combative attitude she wouldn't be where she was. Her journey began from Ireland. It took her a while to assimilate to the New York culture. getting on a ship with her family all the way to Ellis Island. At Ellis Island they check everyone for any health conditions. Joseph, her little brother, had to be sent back. He could not depart alone so her father went back too. Now its only 4 girls trying to live in New York, Mama, Rose, Bridget, and Maureen. They go and visit there Uncle Patrick who is kind enough to let them stay at his house. His family on the other hand are not very happy with them staying there. After a few exchange of words Mama and rest of the girls plan to head back to Ireland. Rose didn't want to leave since she didn't like life in Ireland. As Rose was getting on the ship to go back to Ireland, she stopped and told Ma to go back without her. Maureen tagged along and wanted to stay as well. After some convincing Ma agreed and let them stay on a couple condition. Rose agreed to all, but followed none. She began to feel her problems were over and they did. She found a place to live, made a friend, and found a job thanks to her new friend. Her life was going great. She enjoyed her job and was happy with her pay. In the end Rose found a solution to her problem!

Being called "Nuts" While Trying to Sell Nuts! (Chronological)

Mautner had been rejected many times before getting the name he has now. First, he created cinnamon covered nuts . Second, he got an idea to go to Universal Studios and try to sell them there. Before he went he tried to perfect is nuts. Then he went in to meet with the people to get himself authorized to sell his nuts there. They rejected his offer thinking it was a poor idea. After them telling him, he kept on trying to improve the taste of his nuts. He went everyday to get a chance he got one. He met with the manager and he approved his idea. Finally he put his stand up and began to attract many customers. People became a big fan of his stand and he made a lot of many money. He made his name since he would persevere through his adversities.

How Can People Learn from Others Adversities?

People face adversities in their everyday life, either big or small. Others see them go through it and learn from their mistakes. People are constantly learning from peoples' mistakes. The adversities that people face are just an opportunity for others to know how to deal with that sort of problem. For example Maury Wills learned how to deal with any racist comments he would get by following Jackie Robinson's footsteps. Jackie Robinson acted like an inspiration for Maury Wills. This shows that people can resolve from others adversities!