My Future

by Francisco Chavez


  • Architect
  • You have to make the design plan so they know how to build the building
  • Architects routinely work 60+ hours a week
  • Median pay (annual): $73,090
  • Required Education - Professional bachelor's or master's degree in architecture and need to pass an exam to earn state license
  • Individuals may apply for registration as an architect in Texas by 2 methods.

-Registration by Examination

-Registration by Reciprocity (for applicants who are already licensed in another state)

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  • The degrees they offer to students for architecture are The Master of Architecture and The Bachelor of Architecture

Application process

  • They use the Apply Texas application. Use it to report your complete academic record, including college credit earned as dual credit
  • Pay the $75 application fee—$90 for international applicants
  • Along with your Apply Texas application, submit at least two essays.
  • Send official transcript(s) documenting all coursework undertaken during your high school career and a copy of your school’s profile and a GPA
  • Send us official transcript(s) documenting any college credit earned while in high school
  • Ask testing agencies to send official reports of scores you earned on the SAT with Essay or ACT with Writing exams
  • Ask someone who knows you well to write a letter about your character and accomplishments. (but not required)
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Places to Travel


  • Has White colored sand water looks clear
  • Flights: $1,784.54
  • Atlantis-Beach Tower - European Plan,$1,820.62
  • I am renting a Hyundai Elantra and pay,$79
  • per day
  • Blue Lagoon Island,Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre
  • Food $630

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Future Living Places

-Plano because is has good sized homes and has good Neighborhoods

-Apartments in the area

  • Saxony at Chase Oaks
  • When applying for the apartment, you’ll also have to give the landlord permission to check your credit
  • The criminal background check is another thing that your landlord will need your authorization for
  • Most landlords and building managers will do an extensive check on your rental history by speaking to your past landlords
  • If your rental application gets approved, you’ll then be able to sign the lease Everyone living in the apartment will have to be present to sign the lease

Secure an apartment steps

  • Establish your rental budget
  • Determine which neighborhoods work for you
  • Start your rental search
  • Tour apartments that meet your search criteria and budget
  • Be prepared to fill out a rental application and pay a small fee.
  • Read your apartment lease (and make sure you understand it) before you sign on the dotted line
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Car Options

  • Chrysler 200
  • Car, Passenger Capacity 5,
  • What are the different types of loans you can get?
  • Simple Interest Loans-The interest rate is based on the outstanding balance of the loan-
  • Pre-Computed Loans-refer to financing where all interest and principal payments are pre-calculated before the borrower and lender agree
  • -How do you apply for a car loan?
  • You'll have to fill out loan applications, which will ask for your social security number, employment and income information, mortgage and rent
  • What do you do if you need someone to co-sign for a loan?
  • By co-signing, you take on all the risk if the loan is not repaid but may only see a modest improvement to your credit score.

Monthly Budget

  • Car $ 57.99 Per Day
  • Gas $30 - $32
  • Cell Phone $60 per month
  • Monthly Car Insurance Rate $135
  • Annual Car Insurance Rate $1620
  • Food. $200 - $300
  • Bills (rent $676 - 792)(electricity $60- $100)(water $80-100)(cable/internet $ 113/mo) DIRECTV® Internet, TV