What Side Are You On?

The Election of 1800

Vote now!

Are you a farmer? Do you think the Government has to much power? Are you tired of voting for the SAME president? If so Vote for Thomas Jefferson! He will listen to us and not those rich folk who don't know a thing about what were going through!

Voting is open until the election day.

The Candidates

Be Careful Who You Vote For, He Could be Our Next President!

Make the right decision

We all don't want to be ruled by another king again! Think about the world that you will leave your children in... don't you want the best for them?

Vote for Jefferson before it's to late!

Get out there and find the nearest place to vote and make him our next president. If you want to make a change why wait? He cares about you so why don't we do the same for him? Help make him our next leader of our new Nation!