My Smore Flyer

My Career Project

About me

My name is Eric Brown, and this is my career project. I'm the oldest of my two siblings. I don't like being the oldest because my mom expects a lot from me. I'm ok with it sometimes but sometimes it can be a bit much. I live with my mom, my brother and my sister. My mom is a single mother, I'm ok with it because she is doing a great job without my father.

I plan to attend LSU or Baylor University. My plan is to be a professional football player (running back). During my study at LSU or Baylor University, I plan to obtain a bachelor degree in Computer Network (Architect.) I plan to make $89,000 a year.

Personality Test

Color Test Results: My true color is orange. This color means I like trying new things. I am physical (playing football). I enjoy the reaction I get from the crowd and my team mates when I'm doing a great job.

Reflection: The description of the color test fits my personality well. I enjoy being physical and I enjoy trying new things. I am easily bored with the same activities.

Holland test results

My second strongest trait are equivalent to each other. Conventional and Realistic are my strengths. I agree because I enjoy working outdoors with tools and objects and I also have organizing things.

Reflection: This matches well with the career I chose.

Career Choices

Professional athlete requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Median pay $40,060. Job growth 7%. Athletes and sports competitors participate in organized, officiated sporting events to entertain spectators.

Computer Network Architect requires bachelors degree. Median pay 91,000. Job growth 15%. Architects Computer Network designs and build data communication network (LANs). Wide area networks CWANs and intranets. These network ranges from a small connection between two offices to a multinational series of globally distributed communications system.

Sales Manager: requires Bachelor's Degree. Median pay $105,026. Job growth 8%. Sales managers direct organizations sales team, they set sales goals analyze data and develop training programs fro organizational sales representatives.

My plan is to be a professional football player. The other two careers are options. I would be happy with either career.


Louisiana State University located in Baton Rouge, LA

Tuition: $30,546. Scholarships are available. SAT scores 490 to 550 in math and reading. Obtain a Bachelor's degree.

Baylor University located in Waco, TX

Tuition: 39,276. Scholarships are available. SAT scores range from 540 to 560. Obtain a Bachelor's degree.

University of Georgia is located in Athens, GA

Tuition: 33,070. Scholarships are available. SAT scores 560 for math and reading. Obtain a Bachelor's degree.

Reflection: I think I will be successful at any of these colleges but the one I would like to attend the most is LSU.


Reflection: I plan to receive a scholarship for college. So after I'm done with my living expense I will have 41,458 to live off.