The New Inklings

At Least For Stephanie's 27th Birthday

Tuesday, July 2nd, 7:30pm

120 Beall Avenue

Wooster, OH


To celebrate Stephanie's love of words, especially British literature, we're taking her back to Oxford, in spirit, and recreating the timeless meetings that transpired among the Inklings at the pub, The Eagle and Child.

Please come dressed as one of the Inklings, any writer, or as you imagine an Oxford professor to.

Please also bring along some excerpt to be read aloud for the group to comment on and discuss.

The guest who most embodies the Inklings' spirit by dress, by poignancy of reading, commenting, and questioning, and by beer drinking (just kidding on that one), shall be awarded a delightful prize. The winner will be determined by the birthday girl.

And of course, Stephanie does not need any gifts. Your presence would be most lovely. But for those of you who cannot make it or still feel the need to do more, put it to better use because Steph loves helping people. Check out the collection she is taking in lieu of presents. All proceeds go to help give the gift of words in the form of women's literacy classes in Asia.

The original meeting place for the Inklings in Oxford, England...

The NEW INKLINGS' meeting spot!