Isis needs to be stopped

The United States assembled an international coalition to conduct a campaign of air strikes on Isis positions in Iraq.

The United States is trying to help the Kurd and the Turkish beat Isis. ”The U.S military has sent supplies to the Kurd and the Turkish” but if they can’t hold them back we could go to war. ”Turkish and Kurd are spying on top of hills to see ways how to stop/attack them” but if they get seen they could die or something else could happen. “Debates and dynamics of the American progressives are mostly unknown” but if it is all know they maybe will be able to help stop Isis.
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The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria cannot be defeated unless the United States or its partners take on the Sunni militants in Syria.

The way to stop Isis is to take them on in fight. ”Any use of air power involves risk, including the possibility that innocent civilians may be hurt or killed, or that a piloted aircraft might be shot down” so it is still dangerous in the air. ”Obama's military strategy has been aimed at containing the militant organization rather than defeating it” but if they contain it Isis could over power them.“American officials caution that intelligence experts are still assessing ISIS's current strength and that pinning down the precise number of its fighters is difficult” but America wants to stop them as soon as possible.

The risks that come with U.S. air strikes against ISIS in Syria and whether rebels or the state would benefit.

There are risks with everything we do to try and stop Isis. ”The Syrian Army has little chance of retaking recently lost territory there”, but Isis will get less land, but they could maybe get it back. “Syrian officials have long predicted, the international community will eventually quietly seek his government's intelligence cooperation against Isis”, which means Isis is preparing or planning a head. “United States officials and some allied Western diplomats say they hope that American strikes on Isis will work” but if they don’t Isis will get stronger.