ITF Connection

January 2018


SeeSaw is a great tool for students to build a digital portfolio of their work. Parents are able to connect to their student and see progress throughout the school year. Check out this video and visit the Seesaw website to to learn more.

Virtual Reality

We have been able to acquire 8 sets of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to use with our students. If you are not familiar with VR, this tool will allow your students to explore and experience places around the world from the comfort of the classroom. It's a great way to engage students by bringing learning to life. Did you just read a story set in China, Mexico, or some other place from around the world? Using VR students can visit the places from the stories you are reading in class.

While we have the headsets, we are in need of devices to make them work. Please promote via your class newsletters and teacher websites to see if parents have old devices at home they would consider donating to help get these VR sets up and running.

Check out the video below.

Technology requirements can be found at this link.

Digital Breakout

The TLT team has been sharing information about critical thinking. Implementing breakout boxes are a great way to support this work and help your students build critical thinking skills. There are also activities known as digital breakouts which are similar to breakout boxes. These activities have been designed by other teachers, and the team at BreakoutEDU, to test your students' puzzle skills. Explore these links to find activities that are relevant to your classroom. If you can't find one you like, book a time to meet with me and I will help develop one to use with your students.