Second Grade News

Everything you need to know about 2nd grade!

Good Afternoon,

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Here is all of this weeks information!

COE Reminders!


Please refer to the COE information sheet that was given in your child's red folder last Monday. Here are some important highlights to remember:

-Pack a throw away lunch and a snack

-Wear socks and shoes

-Bring a change of clothes and flip flops to change into

-A plastic bag for muddy wet clothes

-Bring a backpack with only items for the COE trip - they will have this backpack on all


No Electronics- but may bring a camera- We suggest a disposable camera would be the best , but not necessary.

Gandy- Tuesday

Odom- Wednesday

Roberts - Thursday

Thank you,

Second Grade Teachers


Students will continue to learn how questions help us understand what we are reading. We will be discussing how questions help us gain information as we read. The 5 W's for a fiction book are: who, what, when, where, & why. We will be interviewing our own expert Rich Overbeck this week!


Spelling Pattern:

Words with /k/ sound

Sight Words: they, one, said, Monday

Second Grade Spelling Unit Two


Review Closed Syllable

    • A syllable that has only one vowel
    • The vowel is followed by one or more consonants ( closed in)
    • The vowel sound is short, marked with a breve : cŏt, băt, sĕt, rŭg, fĭt

Three ways to spell the /k/ sound

    • The letter c:
      • Use the letter c at the beginning of most words ( crash, clump, cost)
    • The letter k:
      • Use the letter k if the/k/ sound is followed by an e, i or y ( skim, kept)
      • Use the letter k at the end of the word following consonants ( milk, mask, silk)
    • The digraph ck:
      • At the end of one-syllable words, ck is used if the sound comes immediately after a short vowel ( thick, shack)

Review capitalization, punctuation and word spacing for sentence dictation

Words that fit the pattern of the week:

cup, cob, cot, cat, cash, kid, kick, thick, Rick, neck, Ken, kit, Kim, shack, shock, cut, dock, deck, pack, chick, check, chuck, cub, sack, sock, cod, cap, sick, cop, pick, rack, crib, clock, stuck, cost, crab, black, kilt*, stick, stock, task, click, crack, crash, cloth, stack, block, skin, skim, skit, flock, crop, skip, cluck, pluck*, kept, clap, mask, crush, milk, silk, clip, crab, clump, crisp, crunch, whack*

Sight words of the week:

they, one, said, Monday

Practice Ideas:

Find words that contains the /k/ sound

    • Look for words in magazines, books that contain blends and digraphs
    • Sort the words into different categories

The letter c

The letter k

The digraph _ck










Find words that are closed syllables

o Why are they closed syllables?

o What do they mean? ( whack, kilt, pluck)

Writing/ Handwriting (HWT)

In writing we will be working on adding details to our writing to make our writing more interesting.

HWT- Frog jump capitals, starting corner capitals, center starting capitals


In math we will be working with patterns.


Reflex Math

Math With Balloons – math facts

Math Soccer – math facts

Ninja Math – math facts

Sky Numbers: Math Fact Practice

Brain Tuner: Math Fact Practice

Doodle Numbers: logic and puzzles

Math Drills Lite: Fact Practice


Math- Have your child spend 10 minutes a night working on addition and subtraction math facts. It is the first trimester goal that each child can correctly answer 20 addition facts in two minutes and 20 subtraction facts in two minutes

Use Reflex Math to practice math facts.

Reading- For practice at home this week, please have your child read 20 minutes each night.

Dates to Remember

9-20- 2G COE

9-21– 2O COE, Homecoming Game at Jesuit

9-22- 2R COE

9-27 – Picture day

9-30– Spirit Day

Oct-1 – GSPO Carnival

Oct- 3-7 - Space Week - More information to come

Oct - 28th - Author share @ 1:30 (more info to come)


If you would like to order books for your child from Scholastic Reading Club, please use our class code. We have provide the link below for your convenience.

Ms. Odom's Code: N87VQ

Ms. Gandy's Code: Q8K2F

Mrs. Roberts Code: P9HZB

Acolytes- Roberts Class 10:55-11:15

Tuesday 9-20

Mary Ellinor - Crucifer

Simon - Torchbearer

Tristan - Torchbearer

Siever - Reader

Samantha - Greeter

Wednesday 9-21

Ford- Crucifer

Greyson - Torchbearer

Sutton - Torchbearer

Dylan - Reader

Sam - Greeter

Thursday 9-22



Coin Drive Benefiting Hope Kids-

Students have an opportunity to give from their piggy banks in chapel for two weeks from Tuesday, 9/12 through Thursday, 9/22. This is an opportunity for students to participate with what they have. Please send them with extra coins from around the house in Ziploc bags with their advisory or homeroom teacher’s name on them. The lower school and middle school classes that collect the most will get a special prize. Hope Kids is an organization that serves children who have a serious illness and their families. We will have one of those families with us in chapel on the 22nd to tell the kids how their coins will be put to good use. Thank you! Chaplin Rhonda