New Products!!!

Peppermint Candle & Candy Cane Sugar Body Scrub!

Just in time for the holiday shopping to begin - the candy cane sugar body scrub and the peppermint candle! What a fantastic gift for teachers, friends, siblings, parents or anyone who loves peppermint!

The middle picture below shows the rewards my last host earned! It's so easy! Her avaHOUR was virtual from the comfort of her home. No cooking, no cleaning, no stress!

An in person avaHOUR is even better as you get to try ALL the amazing products before you buy! You choose the guests and I'll do the rest!

And, when you host in October, you can choose one of the new products as my gift to you and receive free shipping on your host order! A few hours of fun could get you lots of free and discounted products which you could use for holiday gifts for teachers, friends, etc!

Did you know??

*Europe bans almost 1400 toxic chemicals from their personal care products and the US bans only 11!

*The FDA does NOT regulate the personal care products industry!

*According to the President's Cancer panel only 10% of cancer is genetic and 90% is caused by environmental factors!


*Control what you can control, like food and products, and make small changes at a time.

*Challenge the words "organic", "natural" and "pure" and make informed choices.

*Speak up! Vote with your dollars! If we don't buy it, they will stop selling it!

Ava Anderson Non-toxic - Nicole Stabach

Please feel free to message, call or text me! I love hearing feedback on the products or an avaHOUR.

The holidays are coming!

Gift giving season is just about here. I'd love to help ease your holiday shopping AND wrapping! If you're looking for a gift basket for someone special, let me be your one stop shop! Order your products through my website and have them shipped to me, and we can decide how you'd like the basket!