By: Ruth and Anushka

What is petroleum?




  1. A fossil fuel that is made of dead organisms from many years. It is a natural resource found on earth that humans use for many reasons.

Petroleum's contribution to economic development, its uses.

Believe it or not, without petroleum you wouldn't be able to read this right now. You wouldn't be living the same lifestyle you are living today. Everything that you use in on an everyday basis would not exist. No computers, tooth brushes, hot combs, cell phones, hair brushes and many more. Almost everything in your house is made out of petroleum! Now, your probably thinking, isn't petroleum only used to power your cars? Or How come petroleum is in so many products? Well, petroleum has many uses!

After the petroleum is brought out from the ground to the surface, it is refined and broken down into compounds called fractions. Different fractions are mixed to create different raw materials used in manufacturing. The raw materials help to manufacture the items that we use everyday.

Contribution to economic development

Petroleum is one of the most valuable material traded in the world. It is one-third of the worlds energy supply and is really important to many industries and nations. Petroleum has made a lot of contributions to economies. They have been creating more jobs for people. Its has also helped the human civilization, for example quality of life, housing, and technology.

How petroleum can be used

As said before, petroleum can be used in many ways. Here is what petroleum can be used for:

  • Transportation fuels
  • Heating and electricity generating
  • To run factories
  • Our technology
  • Our everyday materials

So, wheres that petroleum?

Petroleum production is a major industry in Canada which is important for the economy. Canada's main contributors to petroleum production is Alberta, Newfoundland, and Saskatchewan. All the other provinces produce petroleum except for Nunavut. The petroleum industry is a significant employer in Alberta.

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Did you know...

Petroleum is non renewable because its limited in amount and cannot be replaced.

Petroleum extraction

Geologists are responsible for finding the petroleum. They first have locate the oil field and structures that may form oil reserves. After they have located the oil field, the create a development plan.Then, its time to drill. Using an oil ring, they drill a long hole into the earth and extract the petroleum.

Fun facts about petroleum!

  1. Petroleum is measured in barrels not liters.
  2. Canada is the sixth largest oil producing country in the world.
  3. Petroleum oil nicknames include “Texas Tea” and “Black Gold."
  4. Petroleum is an oil that comes from a rock called Petra.
  5. Canada's three largest petroleum companies are Imperial Oil, Husky Energy, and Suncor Energy.

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