Graduation Dress Code

FAQ for Mooresville High School Graduation Attire

Mooresville High School Graduation Dress Code Policy

Graduation Dress Code-

Graduation is a special day that requires special, more formal attire. MHS requires all graduates to follow the graduation day dress code.

  • Dresses or skirts must not visible below the gown

  • Pants must be a dark color (ex: Black, Navy Blue, Dark Brown)

  • Shirts must be button-down white or light colored and have a tie

  • Shoes and Sandals must be of a dark color (ex: Black, Navy Blue, Dark Brown)

  • Sandals must have a back strap

  • Tennis shoes and flip-flops are not allowed

  • High heels and wedges are strongly discouraged due to the field turf

Does my skirt/dress have to follow the regular school day dress code?

No. The only requirement of your skirt/dress is that it isn't longer than your gown.


Don't let this be you!

Girl Wears Wrong Shoes to Graduation, Falls Hard

What can I wear with my graduation gown? Cords? Decoration?

Seniors are allowed to wear any school related cord/sash. Seniors will often wear their academic excellence medals at graduation too. You cannot add any other decorations on the cap or gown. You will have to remove them before you participate in the ceremony.

If you have specific questions about your planned graduation attire, please email Ms. Morris or Ms. Mical.