Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

Farewell To Manzanar


Jeanne was born in Inglewood, California, on September 26, 1934, to native Japanese parents, Ko and Riku Sugai, Jeanne was the youngest of four boys and six girls moved with her family to Oak park in 1936. Jeanne grew up admiring the self-confidence of her father, a farmer and fisherman, her pragmatic mother, who worked in a Long Beach fish cannery. Jeanne's parents had met in Spokane Washington then married eachother.

Interesting Facts

  • When Jeanne lived in San Jose, she met teacher named James D. Houston. Born November 10, 1933, in San Francisco,He was the son of Texas blacksmith and sharecropper Albert Dudley Houston.
  • Jeanne lived in Southern, California til the year 1942
  • She had a normal childhood

Why Jeanne was Influential

Jeanne was and still is very influential because she suffered and knew what it was like to have to live in the internment camp. Thats what makes her story so important to readers today.

Dual career

Jeanne Houston was a self directed psychotherapy. She and James joined with producer-director John Korty to script the TV screenplay "Farewell to Manzanar" for Universal and MCA TV. The film version premiered as the NBC "Thursday Night at the Movies" feature on March 11,1976,