Adopt-A-Child is coming!!

Friday, December 19th


Friday, Dec. 19th, 9am

500 Pleasant Ridge Dr

Mansfield, TX

Adopt-A-Child is one of the best Worley traditions because we get to provide both a Christmas party and gifts to a child who might not have them otherwise. This year Mrs. O'Dell's 1st block class and Mrs. Crumby's 1st block class will combine to celebrate with a 7 year old and throw a party in her honor. We are responsible for supplying both presents and food items for the party. The items requested by our child are listed below and the students will have the opportunity to sign up for food items in class with Mrs. O'Dell/Crumby.

There is no pressure to participate or buy presents, but the opportunity to serve and celebrate another student in invaluable and will be something your student will remember for many years.

Please feel free to participate how you desire and discuss this meaningful opportunity with your student.

Our Child's Wants/Needs

7 year old little girl

Clothing Sizes:

Shoes-- 5 (youth)

Shirts-- 8-10

Pants-- 8-10

Dresses-- 8-10


Frozen doll (or other Frozen themed toys)

Littlest Pet Shop


Coloring Books with crayons

Helmet for her new scooter (scooter is pink)

We will also need wrapping paper, boxes, bags, etc. to help prepare the gifts for the party.

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Food Needs

Our students will be signing up for anything from appetizer type foods to cookies and desserts to drinks to paper goods.

Discuss with your student what you might want them to sign up for, if anything, to help out with our party.