Mrs. Huneycutt's Class

6th Grade Language Arts - Arbor Creek Middle School

Next week in Language Arts,

We will be reviewing for semester exams Monday and Tuesday next week. Reviews are due on Monday, but I will not take it up until Wednesday. This gives them time to study. The exam will cover roots, figurative language, story elements, and the novel we read in class.

On Monday, we will be going over their completed review and have a root bee. On Tuesday, we will play review Jeopardy!

I will see students twice during finals. On the first day, they will take the ELA exam. On the second day, they will take a practice STAAR passage. It is one passage with 10 questions. This helps me know how I need to prepare students for the STAAR test in May.

Semester exam schedule

Semester Exams are next week!

January 13 - periods 1, 3, 5

January 14 - periods 4, 6, 8

January 15 - periods 2, 7

Day 1 - ELA semester exam

Day 2 - Practice STAAR passsage

Last week for 2nd 9 weeks Box tops reward!

Next week is the the last week of the 9 weeks. That means we will have another class winner! I will also take pop tabs from soda cans until January 29. A student at ACMS is trying to gather at least 200 pounds of tabs for a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House.

Send Box Tops and pop tabs with your student!

Tutorial Times

Does your student need extra help? Do they want to get ahead? Have they been absent?

Tuesday - Friday

Before School - 8:15 - 8:40

After School - 4:00 - 4:15

* I am not available for tutorials on Mondays because I have crosswalk duty.

Our class collects Box Tops for Education!

Clip them and send them with your student! The class that has the most Box Tops at the end of each 9 weeks gets a prize!

Learn more about Box Tops for Education and where to find them at