The Fault in our stars ⭐️

By John Green

Characters and what role they play

Hazel Grace Lancaster is the main character of the book and movie the Fault in our stars. I would say hazel is the Protagonist because she is the main character of the book and the movie . She is a depressed girl.

Augustus waters is one of the main characters of the book and the movie The Fault in our stars. I think Augustus is the foil and the Protagonist because he is also the main character and he is the foil to because he contrast with the main character. He is a sweet guy.

Issac is one of the characters of the movie and the book the fault in our stars. Issac would take place as the foil . Issac would take place as the Bais because his girlfriend broke up with him because he was going to lose his eye site and she told him that she couldn't Handel him not getting to see her. He is a blind guy.

Summary of the Fault in our stars

The writer of the book and the movie is John Green. He writes about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster and she has cancer. Hazel has been diagnostic pretty much her whole life and she will be unitil she dies. She is a very depressed girl. She has a boy hair cut and her hair is brown has tubes up her nose to help her breath and a air tank. But all of her problems go away because of this boy named Augustus waters. He has brown hair hazel eyes and is very strong. Hazel and Agustus love each other but when he went to go get a catscan and said he has cancer all over his body. Later in the movie Agustus waters dies and Hazel thinks her old life is going to go back but she realizes that he made a big change in her life and that okay will be there always.
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