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Week of April 11th, 2016

Upcoming Events

Monday, April 11th- Early Release Day, Unit 12 Math Assessment

Tuesday, April 12th- Earth Science Benchmark Assessment

Friday, April 15th- ELA Practice Packet Due

Monday, April 18- FSA ELA Session 1, Report Cards Sent Home

Tuesday, April 19- FSA ELA Session 2

Friday, April 22nd- First Payment for Animal Kingdom Due

Thursday, April 28th- Conference Night- Student Led Conferences

Wednesday, May 4th- Music Field Trip to Straz Center

Friday, May 6th- Battle of the Books Test

Monday, May 9th- Second Payment for Animal Kingdom Due

Thursday, May 26th- Field Trip to Animal Kingdom

STEM Unit of Study

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We will be concluding our STEM Unit of Study this week focusing on Exploration. Our task will be to write, create, and share the ways geographical regions affect daily life. Students will be provided in class work time to complete their Summative Task. Students will be selecting one task from the "Tic-Tac-Toe" board to demonstrate their learning of our Investigative Question: How do geographical regions affect daily life? Students will be presenting their work to students in other 4th grade classes.


This week, students will be determining the main idea and supporting details of an informational article, as well as analyzing the text structure. Students will be responding to FSA Style Questions throughout the week as well as practicing responding to constructed responses.

  • Please utilize the online practice test on www.fsassessments.org for ELA to continue to help becoming familiar with the online portal as students will be taking their FSA on the computers this year!


  • Read 30 minutes each night
  • FSA Practice Packet due on Friday


We will be taking our Unit 12 Assessment: Area and Perimeter on Monday, April 11th.

We will begin Unit 13: Relative Sizes of Measurement Units on Tuesday. A parent letter for this unit will be coming home with your child for additional resources!

Students will:

  • Convert from one unit of measure to another unit of measure (customary and metric) in problem solving scenarios
  • Make connections between measurement conversions and multiplication
  • Make sense of the structure of the metric system by relating it to our base ten system

ThinkCentral to Prepare for Math Assessment on Area and Perimeter:

Mega Math: Ice-Station Polar Planes Lesson P (in assignments)

Mega Math: Ice-Station Polar Planes Lesson Q (in assignments)

Mega Math: Ice-Station Polar Planes Lesson R (in assignments)

Mega Math: Ice-Station Polar Planes Lesson S (in assignments)

Animated Math Models: Skill 54, 55, 56, 57, 58 (in library)

Unit 13 Think Central Resources:

  • Animated Math Model Skill 45- Customary Length
  • Animated Math Model Skill 46- Customary Weight
  • Animated Math Model Skill 47- Customary Liquid Volume
  • Animated Math Model Skill 48- Metric Length
  • Animated Math Model Skill 49- Convert Metric Units
  • Animated Math Model Skill 50- Metric Mass
  • Animated Math Model Skill 51- Metric Liquid Volume

Click on the links below for StudyJams practice!
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Inquiry Monday:

Students will be finalizing their building and testing their space lander for our design challenge. As students finish testing their space lander, they will reflect on their design and share their results with their classmates.


Students will be taking the Earth Science Benchmark Assessment on Tuesday, April 12th. Students will need to take their notebook home to study over the weekend for this assessment.

We will begin Life Science this week and will be focusing on identifying the processes of reproduction in flowering plants, including pollination, fertilization (seed production), seed dispersal, and germination.

Essential Question:

  • How does a flowering plant go through the processes of reproduction?

MyOn Connections:

What Seed is This -Lisa Amstutuz

Buds & Blossoms: A Book About Flowers- Susan Blackaby

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