Final assessment

companionship and friendship

good healthy relationships build a good healthy life. If you have bad relationships in your life your quality of life will be greatly diminished, but healthy relationships can bring joy and security to your life. the story frankenstein showcases this front and center by describing the relationship between frankenstein and his monster and also the relationship between the monster and the rest of the world.

quote #1

"Harmony was the soul of our companionship, and the diversity and contrast that subsisted in our characters drew us nearer together" victor says this regarding Elizabeth. this shows that victor cherishes this relationship and it makes him very happy. The differences in their character did not arise conflict but drew them closer together because they both had something different to bring to the table and their personalities balanced eachother out. ch.2 p.22

quote #2

"We felt that they were not the tyrants to rule our lot according to their caprice, but the agents and creators of all the many delights which we enjoyed" this is victor speaking on his parents. the fact that victor had a very good relationship with his parents made for a very good healthy happy childhood which he would not have been able to enjoy if his relationship with his parents was not so healthy. ch.2 p.23

quote #3

"I felt the bitterness of disappointment; dreams that had been my food and pleasant rest for so long a space were now become a hell to me," this is victor explaining how his experiment has effected his relationship with himself. once happy and ambitious victor is now depressed and overwhelmed by his experiment and is greatly consumed in it. his relationship with himself is diminishing greatly. ch.5 p.43

quote #4

"Thus not the tenderness of friendship, nor the beauty of earth, nor of heaven, could redeem my soul from woe." This is Victor explaining that not even his friendship and relationship with Elizabeth and the beauty's around him could make him happy again. this shows how deep in depression he is and how much he has let his experiment effect his relationships and friendships. ch.9 p.75

quote #5

"On you it rests, whether i quit forever the neighborhood of man and lead a harmless life, or become the scourge of your fellow creatures and the author of your own speedy ruin" This is the creature talking to victor. the creature states that his future depends on his relationship with his creator (Victor). whether he lives happily among the woods and other creatures or he becomes a foul monster that wants to kill humans. this idea connects to companionship because if the monster had a companion/friend he would lead a completely different, better life. ch.10 p. 83

quote #6

"The gentle manners and beauty of the cottagers greatly endeared them to me; when they were unhappy , i felt depressed, when they rejoiced, i sympathized in their joys" this is the creature talking on behalf of the cottagers. He explains that someone you have a relationship/companionship with can greatly effect your emotions based on their own. if their happy it makes you happy, if their sad it makes you sad and so on. this idea connects to the theme of companionship because companions share the same feelings and emotions ch.12 p.93