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Transitioning from Grade 8 to Grade 9

Transition Plan

What is the objective of a transition meeting?

The objective of a transition meeting is to ensure the success of a student. In the case of Patty it is very important to set her up for success in the following year as material and exceptions will be higher. The objective is to come up with strategies that can aid Patty be successful in the upcoming year.

What/who is available to assist with the transition?

This is who will assist with the transition:



Family members

Students’ support providers

And any other additional support

What is the process?

Phase 1 : Preparation.... Appointing the Transition-Planning Team Leader; Selecting the Transition-Planning Team; Orienting the Team Members; Collecting Background Documentation on the Student; Resource Materials; Designing the Process

Phase 2: Development of the Plan ......

The process of developing or reviewing a transition plan should include the following steps:

• identifying the student’s transition goals;

• identifying the steps and actions necessary for achieving the goals;

• coordinating the transition plan with the IEP and other plans;

• identifying timelines and responsibilities.

What are the roles and responsibilities at the school meeting and/or beyond?

The Student:

The student, initially through the annual education plan (AEP), assumes responsibility for identifying goals and the steps needed to achieve those goals.

Parents and family members:

assist the student to feel comfortable with the process;

assist the student in communicating with other members of the planning team;

suggest options appropriate to the student and comment on the implications for the student of the various options under consideration;


How will it help prepare for the future?

This transition plan with help Patty smoothly transition from grade 8 to grade 9. It will help her because it is a well rounded plan that has carefully been planned by various people in her supportive circle.