Albert Osborn

by: Hanna Trexler, Kato Crump

Basic Information

  • He was born in 1858, on a farm near Grass Lake, Michigan.
  • He was the second of six children.
  • He was always interested in the art of penmanship.
  • He extended his interests to identification of handwriting, typewriting, paper, ink, and to the many questions that arise concerning contested documents.

Other Important Information

  • He was the first president of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners, and is the one who made the society.
  • He made it in 1942, and he stopped being president in 1946, because he died.
  • He wrote multiple books, including Questioned Documents, The Problem of Proof, and The Mind of Jurors and Questioned Document Problems.
  • His books mastered codifying the information necessary for identifying styles of handwriting, and typed script.

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