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Tension still rising between the the Soviet Union & America

The Policy of Containment

The Truman Doctrine says, "I believe that we must assist free peoples to work out their own destinies in their own way." President Truman believed that the people should be able to choose. The Policy of Containment was to stop the spread of Communism. President Truman was trying to limit the amount of Communist nations by letting the people have a choice.

Tension between US and USSR right after WWII

Immediately after World War 2 there was tension between the United States and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Stalin had a strong Communist opinion, while Truman was a strong believer in Democracy. Since the two had different Ideology, the amount of tension after the war was rising. Stalin wanted Poland to become Communist, while Truman wanted to allow Poland to choose. The result led to Poland becoming Communist. Germany on the other hand was somewhat different. Stalin again wanted Germany to become Communist and Truman wanted to again allow Germany to choose. The result of this was a bit different. Because of this, Germany split into two, East and West Germany. East Germany was Communist and West Germany was Democratic. Stalin created something called satellite nations, causing lots of tension.

The Containment of Communism

In the Berlin Airlift, Communism was going to West Berlin. Truman tried to stop communism by using aircraft to supply West Berlin with food, supplies, and coal. This was a success because West Berlin remained democratic. In the Marshall Plan, communism was heading towards Western Europe. Truman was trying to stop this by using economic aid. Truman gave them money, rebuilt the economy, as in factories and agriculture. This was a success because Western Europe remained democratic. In the Korean War, communism was heading towards South Korea. Truman tried to stop this by using the military. This was a success because South Korea remained democratic.

Other News

In 1946, The Saint Louis Cardinals played against the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. The Cardinals took the win. The Boston Red Sox won 3 games. The win was decided on game 7. The score of the 7th game was 3-4 with the Cardinals wining. St. Louis Cardinals ended with 4 game wins. The picture below is the winning St. Louis Cardinals.
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