Dr. Crisp Newsletter - June

Our Classrooms are Amazing!!!

Third Grade Rockstars!!

Our third grade rockstars are still learning hard in June! In math, we are rocking learning about fractions. In science, we are continuing with our survival and environment unit in Amplify. In reading, we will end the year learning about fables, folktales and poetry. In writing, we will complete our final opinion, speech or letter, and then write some poetry ourselves. We are excited for field day on Thursday, June 8. We will also be ending the year with a balloon pop countdown for the last 10 days of school where students will earn a special treat for all their hard work this year. We are so sad to see these third graders go but know how great they will do in fourth grade! Have a great summer!


Kindergarten is celebrating an absolutely amazing year! We have learned so much and have come so far! As we prepare for 1st Grade, we are practicing regulating our emotions, being kind friends, and mastering all of our Kindergarten expectations. We are very excited about the in-school field trip with Wildlife Encounters Ecology and Wellness Center on the 9th and our Celebration of Learning on the 12th with our families. The calendar in the home folder explains each special day in June.

Grade 4 News...

Fourth grade wrapped up the year with a field trip to the Little Red Schoolhouse to go along with our NH History Unit. It was so fun to learn about what school was like hundreds of years ago. We had old-fashioned names assigned to us and we got to write with ink pens! The students took the SAS Test last week and worked so hard. With the nice weather here, we have been working in the garden with Miss Jess. Our healthy Salad Celebration will be the first week of June! Lastly, we are getting very excited for Field Day. We hope everyone has a wonderful, fun, relaxing summer! The fifth grade teachers will be very lucky to get this amazing group of students next year!!

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Look What's Happening in Grade 2...

We are amazed that our time in 2nd grade is coming to an end. Thank you to all of you who have made this year memorable. Our Field Trip last week was the perfect cherry on top. What a beautiful day to enjoy how gorgeous this time of year is. As our year draws to a class we will be completing the following:

Reading: finishing up double vowel teams of ue, oo, au, and aw. We will also learn the last syllable type -le like it in candle and bubble.

Math: we just wrapped up measuring to the nearest inch and centimeter. We will learn shapes, time, and fractions to end the year.

Social studies and Science: Material Matter. What are things made of? Why are they made of those things? We will also continuing to learn about economics.

Thank you again for a wonderful year. Being apart of their educational journey is an honor Enjoy the summer, the sunshine and keep reading!

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Grade 1 Superstars.....

This has been an incredible year watching our first graders learn and grow! They had so many compliments about how respectful, curious, and engaged they were during our Beaver Brook field trip. This field trip will kick off our animal habitat research projects. Students will be researching a habitat they choose, looking at animal and plant adaptations, and creating their habitat in their shoeboxes. It has been a wonderful year and we are so excited to spend these last few weeks with our students!

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Library Information....

It has been a very busy year in the Dr. Crisp Library. In the library, our students have checked out over 13,000 books! In addition, each student has received at least 10 free books to bring home and keep thanks to the CLiF grant that we received for the year!

Students have been doing an excellent job returning their library books for the past week but we still have several students who have not returned books or have misplaced them. We will be sending letters home next week to notify parents of overdue books and the cost to replace them. Please be on the lookout for that letter.

Finally, the Nashua School District librarians and the Nashua Public Library collaborate each summer to create the summer reading lists. These lists will be available at the Nashua Public Library and will be on the Nashua School District website in the next week. The summer reading program at NPL is lots of fun with great books, special activities, and prizes to be earned just for reading! Please check it out!

Thanks for a great year! Have an awesome summer! Mr. Hynes

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Our Amazing Fifth Grade .....

Fifth graders are in the midst of the NH SAS testing. They completed the reading, writing, and math tests this week and will do science test and make-up tests next week. Our students have done an amazing job so far and we are very proud of them.

In math, we are learning about coordinate planes. Students learned how to play the game Battleship. We also started to learn about geometric shapes and built 2D and 3D wands to make bubbles. We learned that no matter what shape we started with, the bubble always ended up in a circle.

In science, students have been learning about ecosystems and how plants and animals are interconnected . In reading, they have been reading the book Holes by Louis Sachar. In social studies, studying the history of the 13 Colonies and delving into what life was like during this time.

Your student's time at Dr. Crisp is quickly coming to an end. We look forward to seeing you on June 16th to celebrate students moving onto middle school.

Principal's Message...

Happy June!!

Thank you all for 7 amazing years as your principal. As many of you know, I will be retiring at the end of this school year! I am looking forward to seeing my grand children and traveling with my husband and our dog! Dr. Crisp is the BEST school in Nashua and it has been an honor being the principal here. Please keep doing the wonderful job you are doing raising your kiddos! Give them lots of love and attention...they are only little for so long!

Lots of Love!!!

Coming up.....

LAST Book Giveaways - 6/7

Spring Concert - Located on the Playground June 14th 6-7pm....Please bring a lawn chair and prepare for a great time!!

Field Day - June 8th

5th Grade Promotion Day - June 16th 9:00am

End Of Year...

June 7th - Haircuts for boys in grades 1-3...let your teacher know if you'd like to take advantage of this!!

Kindergarten... 06/09/23 Exotic Animal In-School Field Trip

Kindergarten... 06/12/23 Celebration of Learning - 9am

Grade 5... 06/16/23 Promotion Exercises 9:00am - 2 guests per student

Author Visit ... 06/20/23

No School - Monday June 19th for the National Holiday - Juneteenth

Last Day - June 21st Dismissal at 11:45!!!

Mrs. Fulton

We are Gym Superstars!!

Our gym superstars have been doing super in Physical Education.

The student athletes have been playing Incredibly nicely in a game called “The Incredibles” based on the popular movie.

There was running, chasing, dodging, strength training and flexibility..

The big kids participated in a brand-new activity called “Cross Net”.

It is a combination of volleyball and 4 square combined as one.

Have a great summer!

Don’t forget your exercise homework and play every day!


End of the Year Medication Information

The school year will be ending soon and all medications must be removed from the School Health Office. This includes all prescription and nonprescription medications, including Inhalers, Glucagon, and EpiPens.

Medications may not be stored in the health office over the summer. Please pick up your child’s medication prior to 11AM on Wednesday June 21, 2023. Any medication that is not picked up will be disposed of when school is over that day. Please email or call me to make alternate arrangements if necessary.

New medication orders are required for any student that takes medication at school. All students that have an Allergy/Asthma Protocol on file at school will need a new one for the start of the 2023-2024 school year. I will provide you with a copy of this protocol when you pick up your child’s medication. All related medication forms may also be downloaded from our school website. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.

Music News...

The Dr. Crisp Spring/Summer Band and Chorus concert will take place on Wednesday, June 14 at 6PM. All band and chorus students should report to the music room by 5PM dressed in their concert attire (Dr. Crisp blue and white), for warm ups and sound checks. The concert will be outside, behind the school, so you are welcome to attend and bring your families! If there is rain on the day of the concert, we will push things back to the next afternoon OR we will move things into the Dr. Crisp gym. A decision on that will come as quickly as possible. but we will need to wait until very close to the actual date to make that decision.

Students will return instruments they have borrowed from Dr. Crisp on Friday, June 16 during school. If students have RENTED instruments, this is not the time to return them. That would be taken care of through the instrument rental company.

Lastly, if your student is in 5th grade, I need to know whether they plan to continue in band or chorus next year. I gave students a half-sheet today to fill out, but if you'd like to talk with them about what they'd like to do before they turn that in, that's fine. Reminder, students can take band OR chorus in middle school, not both.


Speech tips for the summer

  1. Never correct your child’s speech, always provide good models.
  2. Read to your child. When you’re done with the story, ask them to tell you two or three things about the story- “What happened in the story?” “What was your favorite part?”
  3. Don’t bombard your child with questions. Start by talking about what you are doing-

“Mom is cooking mac and cheese, what are you doing?”

  1. Build Vocabulary- Let’s see how many green things we can find in the house?

How many big things can we see outside? How many blue things can we find in the store?

Play “I spy”- where they can describe something to you or you to your child and guess what it is. For example: I see something round, that’s white, red, blue and green and we can play with it at the beach- guess what it is? ( A beach ball)

5-Listen to your child. Their voice matters.

It’s been an honor and privilege to work with your child here at Dr. Crisp. It’s been my home for 19+ years and I will miss it.

Mrs. C.


ELL is wrapping up after another exciting year! This year we tried out a new curriculum called Connect and it was successful!! Students were very engaged! All ACCESS scores are in and will be sent out to parents soon!

Mrs. G’s students are wrapping up another amazing year in ELL!! We have had a great time using all our new ELL books and materials this year. I can’t wait to see you all again next year. Good luck to all the fifth graders who will be heading to middle school, I will miss you. If you are attending ELL summer school, please watch out for the latest information!