Triangle Optical Care

Let's review our goals as a new business:

We look forward to "see" you!

As a partnership, you'll be introduced to 3 optometrists and 1 optician all looking forward to helping you! We are a general optometry care clinic and we have everything from diagnosing certain ocular conditions (glaucoma, cataracts, etc) to fitting corrective lenses or contacts.

Overcoming Obstacles:

Because we are a new business, we are going to face some setbacks:

  • It might be rough getting a steady flow of clients, but we must be patient and understand that time will bring in new clientele.
  • Due to the uncertain amount of clients we may receive, pay may be positive, and it may be negative. Patience is important, because we may not receive a lot of money in the first year.
  • As a partnership, cooperation is key. We might not agree on every business and clinical decision, so we have to keep our views flexible as a result.

Employee concerns and "Going Green!"

As the optometrists and optician owners, we do care for our employees (secretariats and receptionists). We are open shop, so you can join a labor union if you wish or not if you wish as well. We want to address our employees' concerns and make sure that they will be thought of highly in this practice and will be treated with the utmost respect.

To keep our business eco-friendly, we are going to do a number of things. First, we are going to receive our cleaning materials from Seventh Generation (company). It has organic materials and can clean our equipment more efficiently. Next, we are going to use LED lights to light our clinic; cutting costs as well. Lastly, we are going to get our chairs and furniture from recycled materials.