Nile River

Things to know about the Nile River

Transportation and trade

The Egyptian used the Nile River as transportation. The Nile was a highway for them. The Egyptians would trade instead of using money. They would bartered with Middle Eastern Kingdoms for silver, cedar, oils, horses, copper, and lapis lazuli. They used sail boats and special boats for funerals.

Physical Features

Some text features of the Nile River is:

  • The Nile river is the longest river in the world
  • It is 4,135 miles long
  • 2 cataracts are ancient
  • Blue Nile and the White Nile comes from Sudan to make the Nile

Daily Life

Papyrus plant is important to the Egyptians to make different things like writing materials, baskets, and ropes. They would eat a lot of fish and upper class hunted birds. Groups of men would hunt Hippos for races and meat. w

Calendar and farming

The Egyptians did not use a 12 month calendar like us, they had a 3 season calendar. The 3 different season were Shemu ("low water"), Peret ("emergence"), Akhet ("inundation"). They grow things like wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates and vines. They also grew flax which was made into linen. The wealth people got more better kinds of food. their government made sure that there was enough food by drafting some of the Egyptians to become farmers.