We shoud have to say the pledge

We live in this country give it respect

Why we pledge

We pledge allegiance to the flag out of respect for this country. If you don't respect the flag of the USA go live somewhere else.

Students rights

A video that may help your sitiuation

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If we have rights on earth, we should have rights in a school. Agree?

But if we don't control the kids, the perfect learning society will be ruined, and prevent learning.

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But out of respect we should stand up say the pledge and sit down for 1 min. and pray or worship quietly. Its 2 mins. out of respect for our flag and country.

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The pledge is a promise to be law abiding student and person.

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They states should because, it ensure there students are respective of their country their apart of

Yes, we have freedom of speech

Yes, we have freedom of religion

but they are suppressed in a school to have the perfect learning environment.

Most of the people in the USA are monotheistic,they believe in one god, so when president eisenhower added "under god" to the pledge of allegiance he thought it would help spread some gaps and help the USA.

Off the street interview

Joe Weatherby says no because of religion.

Gabriel Daiz doesn't care so, either or

and Mrs. Herrick says that you shouldn't be forced to do anything but that you should stand up and be respectful