The friendly monster

about a girl who becomes friends with a monster and his pet

the monster at night

One day a girl by the name bella was getting ready for bed. she wasnt happy to go to bed she wanted to stay up. Part of why she wanted to stay up is because the other night she heared something. She slowley walked to her bed with her mom behind her. She hopped in bed and said mom can I stay up for a little longer. Her mom said no tucked her in and walked away turning off the lights and about to close the door behind her as she said goodnight.At that moment when her mom left she got really scared. After 25 minutes she heard something. She quickley hid under the blanket. The sound and foot steps got louder as it came toward her. She peeked out of the covers she thought it was her dad trying to scare her so she sat up and she said nice try. The monster anwsered back what do you mean. When she heared the vooice she knew that, that wasnt her dad or mom, she didnt move a bit. Bella said hello in a shakey voice. It resonded and got closer. It was at the edge of the bed and she could sort of see it she saw something in his hand. She asked the monster whats in your hand. He said oh its just my pet chicken Jay. Bella asked oh well thats cool what is your name. The monster anwsered back Ken. Bella said well I am Bella. that night they had a really long conversation. she really liked ken and he loved his chicken. People told her that monsters are scary and that chickens are mean. In the morning she walked down stairs. Her mom and dad were drinking coffee at the table. She sat down and her mom handed her food saying you look tired what where you dong last night. She looked up and she said just making some new friend I have to tell you everything about it. She said that she meet a monster named Ken and his chicken named Jay. Her mom and dad looked at one another. Her dad said looked like you had a fun dream. She said it wasnt a dream and it is real and people just get the wrong idea of a monster. Every night Ken and Jay would go and visit her.Also she was happy and excited to go to bed every night. THE END.