Chinese I, II and III

Chinese IA, IB, IIA, IIB, IIIA and IIIB April 6 - 17

Make Flashcard

I suggest you to make your own flashcard with character/pinyin and English translation in the back for any new vocabularies through your learning progress which will enhance your Chinese vocabulary recognition and will be easy to comprehend each sentence in future lessons.

Chinese sentences pattern and usage

Please pay attention to grammar knowledge and sentence pattern areas.

Sentence pattern:

  1. How to greeting people and reply back?

When someone say hello to you as你好(ni hao) then you should reply same back as你好(ni hao). The following people as A and B in below Chinese conversations.

A你好- ni hao - hello

B你好- ni hao – hello

  1. How to ask/reply when someone asks your name?

Sentence pattern:

Subject + (jiao – to be called)+什么(shen me- what)+名字(ming zi-name)?

Please see the examples below:

Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?

(What is your name?)

Wǒ jiào Lǐ Lì.

My name is Li Li.

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Here are the opportunities to improve your grades.

Please see the details and attachments/examples in the message board by clicking on 2.Weekly Newsletter.

Please complete the following 6 assignments to replace 6 of lower assignments by April 30. Please send these assignments through email with your full name and course name.

#1. Please record your speaking of introduction your family which will include your family members, age, and occupations. You are welcome to find the attachment for your reference.

#2. Please record your Chinese song and tell us in English too. Please see the attachment for your reference. Of course, you can find any Chinese song that you like to sing and you know the meanings in English too.

#3. Please take a video to teach your friend to learn Chinese in 3-5 minutes. You can teach them how to greeting people and basic Chinese sentences. Please see the attachment.

#4. Please take a picture or video to cook Chinese food such as Chinese dumplings, Gong Bao Ji Ding and so on. Please write in English about the ingredients and steps of your preparation for Chinese food.

#5. Please watch the following video at and answer the following questions.

A. How many lions do you see in the video?

B. What colors of these lions?

C. What festival does this video celebration for?

D. Where is the location of this video taken?

E. Which year is this video taken?

#6. Please create any Chinese artwork such as Chinese book mark, Chinese decoration, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese paper cut or Chinese painting. Please see the examples.