News for the ELL Team - January 15, 2015

How do you eat an elephant?....

.....One bite at a time.

We are conquering the ACCESS 2.0 test one day at a time. Thank-you so much for your hard-work and determination to do this right for our students. It will actually be over sooner than you think!

A Couple of Reminders:

  • Mark reasons for absences next to student names in Google spreadsheet.
  • Keep running record of student progress in Google spreadsheet.
  • Call Help Desk to unlock student tests if they become locked.



  • Friday, March 18 at the Library Center: 6-7:30pm
  • Please sign up to help within the 4-8:30pm time frame. Sign up sheet forthcoming. $25/hour.
  • Focus will be on technology - IGNiTE, Home Access Center, online safety, etc.
  • We will advertise before and after spring break.

Summer School (EXPLORE!)

  • ELL services will be provided in all elementaries, 2 middle schools, and Central High School!
  • Please consider teaching one or both sessions.

Professional Learning Opportunities

IGNITE letters in 4 languages are on Canvas IGNiTE Year One page under resources.

Must Read! Must Watch! Must Share!

Letter from US Department of Education re: refugees is a must read.

East of Salinas is a must watch.