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Little Pink Drink- Welcome! Plexus Slim

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The pink drink accompanied by the Accelerator is the easiest way to lose weight. Simply have a pink drink and one little pill in the morning and you’re good to go for the rest of the day! It’s really that easy! Of course, like all weight loss products, a healthy diet and exercise will exponentially increase your results.

This product was originally formulated to help diabetics regulate their blood sugar. Once the doctors saw the weight loss results that followed, they started to think that they could help everybody lose unwanted fat. It has helped many people with diabetes reduce or even eliminate their insulin dependency.More information how to lose weight fast

1.)The Pink Drink

When used as part of a daily hydration regimen (1 stick pack per day), Plexus Slim promotes:
Loss of weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle
Healthy blood sugar levels
Healthy cholesterol and lipid levels
Healthy will power over food choices
Free radical scavenging (reduces oxidation stress)
Plexus Slim is:
Safe, non-stimulatory and non-thermionic
Diabetic friendly


Plexus Slim Accelerator was designed as a companion product for Plexus Slim. Our new Accelerator provides you with a healthy way to speed up weight loss and/or break a weight plateau when taking Plexus Slim. The combination of ingredients in these two products works synergistic ally to help you lose weight. When the Accelerator is used in conjunction with Plexus Slim the following may occur:
Weight loss in fat and inches occurs more rapidly.
Energy is Increased.
Appetite is suppressed.
Desire to hydrate the body is increased.


ProBio5 will support and provide the following benefits to your body:
Yeast organism (Candida) and fungal cleanse
Proper probiotic balance in the intestinal tract
Proper intestinal balance which increases nutrient absorption
ProBio5 will typically provide the following results: A relief from typical Candida symptoms, which may include anxiety, recurring irritability, heartburn, indigestion, lethargy, extreme food and environmental allergies, acne, dry, flaky, itchy skin, jock itch, migraine headaches, recurring cystitis/vaginal infections, premenstrual tension, and menstrual problems. A very large percentage of the population, all ages, sexes and races have a yeast overgrowth and don’t even know it!


Plexus Bio-Cleanse is a specially formulated Magnesium Oxide compound with Oxygen Enhancement and Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids.
Oxygenates the entire body
Detoxifies and cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract and arteries
Energizes both physically and mentally
Neutralizes acidic conditions that may promote pathogens
Enhances weight loss
Supports collagen production
Relieves constipation