Assessment and Reading

How's it working for you?

Searching For a Deeper Understanding of Assessment in Reading?

We all know that assessment and instruction are linked. Direct Observation, Reading Portfolios and Running Records are assessment strategies that can be used to drive instruction in your classroom. Use these tools to meet the individual needs of all your learners!

Direct Observation

Record formal and informal observations of students' reading behaviours during shared, guided, modeled, and independent reading times. Focus on one or two behaviours at a time that relate to skills and strategies taught. Observations should be repeated to see if the particular reading behaviour recurs.

Making Direct Observation Work For You!

Direct observation provides evidence of student reading behaviours and can be used to determine the strengths and next steps for students. Teachers can create flexible groupings based on similar needs of students or create mixed needs groupings to foster learning of strategies.

Reading Portfolios

Running Records

Use your running record to observe a student's reading behaviours and determine information about the cueing system the student uses while reading. These are meaning, structure and visual cueing systems.

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