Talent Director

Talent is his specialty

Basic Skills, Physical Demands, and Activites

Some of the basic skill sets required for this job are... Speaking loud and clear, reading comprehension with good insight, active listening, writing, and monitoring. The physical demands aren't that bad compared to the skills. The physical aspects are sitting a lot, carrying ten pounds, reading scripts, maintaining actor profiles,and speaking loudly. Most of the activities are critiquing people, sitting more than 1/3 of the time, negotiating contracts with people, selecting performers, and reading and judging scripts.

Have Talent to Judge Talent

What to Learn, The hours, and The Money

Cinema studies, radio and television, cinematography, film production, directing, and theatrical are all things you should learn and study. The hours are very irregular and a lot by appointment. Now the money. The part everybody likes. $92,220 is the national average annual for this job. The future outlook for this job is pretty stable.