Should Columbus Day be renamed?

In my opinion, I think Columbus Day should be renamed.

The second Monday of October should be renamed to, American Day.

Christopher Columbus was a man greedy man who many hated and others worshiped. Well what is there to worship about someone who killed millions of people and enslaved some as well? We know his as the man who discovered the new world, but not the side they taught us in elementary school.

Vote now to change the name!

When I think of Columbus I think of Hitler. Columbus is someone not worth celebrating, but the what he found is something to. He enslaved many natives and used them to find gold. He was so hero. Just someone who cared for his own riches. That is not a day worth celebrating. Columbus Day should be renamed immediately!

Your voice matters!

Don't go another year knowing the name is something worth not celebrating.


Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. In my opinion he didn't really discover the New World, he only discovered it from the viewpoints of the Europeans. On his first voyage he discovered that the world was round, also that the Earth was bigger than he thought it was.

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Columbus Day should be celebrated, but it is overly difficult to celebrate knowing that a greedy murdering man found such land. I don't think the history of this day should be wiped away, but I only think we should honor the discovery.