Rocket Weekly News

Week of May 16th through May 20th 2016

Each Day, Each Child, SUCCESS

Student Achievement Goals

Goal 1-All students will exhibit satisfactory or above performance on state assessments. Students below satisfactory performance will demonstrate more than one year of academic growth.

Goal 2-Dallas ISD schools will be the primary choice for families in the district.

Goal 3-The achievement gap by race, ethnicity, and socio economic status will be no greater than 10 percentage points on all academic measures.

Goal 4-Ninety-five percent of students will graduate. Ninety percent of the graduates will qualify for community college, college, military, or industry certification.

Goal 5- Ninety-five percent of students entering kindergarten will be school-ready based on a multidimensional assessment.

Goal 6-All students will participate in at least one extracurricular or co-curricular.

Spring Fever

As we enter these last few weeks we start to see a rise in discipline referrals to the office. We can curtail some of these behaviors by remembering the following:

1. Be on time for your students. When you arrive late you throw off their schedule.

2. Have materials ready, when they are waiting for copies or for materials to get prepared, we are inviting off task behaviors.

3. Take some time to review procedures for your class, hallway, lunch and recess.

4. Actively monitor when students are working in your class. Stay in the powerzone(near the kids). You can hear conversations and deter conflict if you hear it at the beginning right when it starts.

5. Keep teaching, keep it engaging, use some of the engagement strategies we have discussed.

6. Don't dismiss students into the hallway alone. I am encountering way too many students going through the hallways.

Together we can make it a smooth last few weeks of school.

Week at a Glance- 5/16 to 5/20

Monday 5-15

8:30-9:30 Volunteer Appreciation Presentation

3:15 Monday Meeting (Farewell to Ms. Harvey) and ACP training.

Tuesday 5-16

8:15-9:15 PTA Performance Presentation for PK-2

9:00-9:45 Dedication of the Buddy Benches

1:20-2:30 PTA Performance Presentation for 3-5

Wednesday 5-17

Allen out for Training all day.

1:00-5:00 District Principals Meeting (Derrick Out)

Thursday 5-18


5:30 PTA PERFORMANCE-Ballet, Modern Band and Folklorico

Friday 5-19