Spanish 3

Week 16, December 12-18

Con la Sra. Aguirre

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What's due this week!

We are finishing up Unit 8, Las Bellas Artes, this week with lessons 4 and 5 due this Friday @ 11:55pm. Students have a Final Project due this week which is a combination of Units 7 & 8. Final Projects count as 15% of a student's grade.
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Important Notice about due dates for Units 5-8 and the Final Exam/Project

The ending date for Units 5-8 is Friday, January 6 @ 11:55pm. Please speak with your students and ask them to show you their grades, etc. and make sure they are on pace with the class. I have recently contacted all parents about student progress.

I would ask that you encourage students to get those assignments completed ASAP and not wait till the last minute. Most students are submitting assignments weekly and meeting those deadlines, but just in case your student is behind, please know that Units 5-8 will close on Friday, January 6 @ 11:55pm.

As for the Final Exam/Project and RLC for the Final Project/Exam, students will have until Friday, January 13 @ 11:55pm to attend an RLC (for the Final Project), complete the Final Exam and submit the Final Project. The Final Exam and Final Project count 25% of the final grade.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me!

How are grades calculated?

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Student agreement to email/text me about due dates

I have asked all students to email/text me the following statement to assure that he/she understands the closing dates for Units 5-8 and the Final Project/Exam:

I , _____________________ understand that all work for Units 5-8 will close on Friday, January 6 @ 11:55pm. I understand that there will be no extensions to this deadline. I also understand that this means finishing and submitting all work from Units 5 through Unit 8.

Last, I understand that I am to attend an RLC for the Final Exam/Project and submit a Final Exam and a Final Project that will consist of grammar and vocabulary from Units 2-8. The Final Exam and Final Project count as 25% of my final grade, due by Friday, January 13 @ 11:55pm when the class will close.

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There are no more RLCs for Unit 8. Students can click here for the link to my recorded session for Unit 8 RLC.

Culture Cafe for Extra Credit

Students have upcoming opportunities to attend some very interesting sessions in the Culture Cafe! Please encourage your student to attend these very interesting topics! Students may attend any topic in the Culture Cafe.
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End of year survey

Students are asked to fill out a survey this week with his/her thoughts about our class. This will help us review and revise our processes and services. Please encourage your student to participate in this survey. Your student's feedback is very important to us! Click here for the link to the survey.
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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre