WLC Remote Learning FAQs

We hope these help a bit!

What do I do/who do I reach out to if I need help with one of the technologies the teachers are using?

You should reach out to our super tech support teacher team! This is Mr. Tyler, Ms. White, and Ms. Erickson. You can email them at tech.support@sau63.org

Is there any way to get help getting the internet if I don’t have it?

YES! For families in towns served by TDS : Any family in need of internet service may call TDS at 888-225-5837. They should tell the operator that they heard about the free 60 days of service for families with school-aged children, and the operator will know what to do. TDS will arrange an appointment for a technician to install service and a modem at the family's home. Current lead times are within one week, and it will probably be wise for families to call sooner rather than later. For more info on service areas, please visit https://tdstelecom.com/local/new-hampshire.html.

Who do I call if my Chromebook is broken?

You can call the Tech office @ (603)732-9340 to report the problem and designate a drop off time for the non-working Chromebook and to receive a working Chromebook. The Tech office will be open Monday-Friday 8-4pm

What do I do if I don’t have the internet and need to hand in hand written work?

You can drop it off at the school directly in the main office or you can mail it in if you would like to:

WLC (Address it to the teacher)

57 School Road

Wilton, NH 03086

Are report cards and snap shots the same as before?

Grades will be captured on the same day; however, you will have to login to Powerschool to see those comments and grades. They will not be mailed out. Grades are captured on April 8 at 10am.

What do I do if I am struggling academically in my classes?

You should let your teachers know immediately and set up time to talk to them one on one. This can be done through multiple means such as video chat, phone calls, through google classroom, etc. You need to be proactive and let them know what you need.