How Nutrients Work

Payton Keith


Carbohydrates come mostly from plant foods. They are starches and sugars. They can be broken down to release energy.


Fats supply chemicals called essential fatty acids.You need fats for healthy skin, healthy cells, and other bodily functions. Fats keep food in your stomach longer so you don't feel as hungry.


Proteins are substances that the body uses to build new cells and repair injured ones. They are nece for growth and to help you fight off disease. Proteins are made up of amino acids.


Vitamins are chemical mixtures found in many types of food. They help carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals work properly. Vitamins are important to have good health.


MInerals are found in a wide variety of foods. Minerals become a part of your body in cells, fluids, muscles, and bones. Minerals can help you build strong bones and teeth.


Wellness is good health. Emotionally and physically. It also means taking responsibility for your own health. It is much easier to keep the human body well than to cure an illness.

Why I think it is important to know about nutrition and wellness

I think it is important to know about nutrition and wellness because then you'll know how to keep your body healthy. You need to know this in your life because if you're older and not healthy and you have to keep going to the doctor, you'll have to pay a lot of expensive bills and that may affect the way you live your life.