World Religion

By: Alec Lewis


Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross which is the messiah. There holy book is the bible. It is based on the teaching of Jesus and how he lived the sinful life. On Christmas Jesus was born and Easter is when he rose again.


The Jews are still waiting on the messiah to save them. God made them by his own image. They believe in the hold testament and not the new because they not believe Jesus was the messiah. The celebrate Passover which is a celebration.


Hindus believe in reincarnation. They have many gods called the Devas. They have many holidays like Diwali and Dashara. Their holy book bhagavad gita.


They believe that everything has a soul. They believe in karma. Karma is basically what goes around comes around. They call Buddha "the awaken one". Tipitaka is there book they read about the religion.


Their god is Allah. Their holy book is the Quran. They believe the prophet of Jesus but they don't believe that he was the chosen one. There rituals are strict and have to pray curtain amount of times a day.