India and pakistan


India was kinda bullied by the British. The British forced the India to fight for them during ww2. India was divided into 2 different nations. The 2 nations created were Muslim East and West Pakistan and Hindu India.The division of India also divided religious groups. India became the worlds most democracy when the nation won its independence in 1947, but then they faced many challenges.


Pakistan was divided in two parts and separated by differences in language, religion, and culture. Their government kind of favored west with the polices and spending. The east was desperately poor. The east decided to seek independence. They got their independence and now is called Bangladesh, and they also faced very difficult times.

Final Question

The common causes of countries wanting to gain independence is probably because of their problems. For example the east in Pakistan probably wanted their freedom because of how poor they were, and India probably did because of how they were treated by the British.