A Work In Progress

Connor Franta

what genre is this?

The genre is a memoir. Connor Franta used his own personal experiences and wrote them down as this book. We've all followed him down this path, he's just telling the story.

Who's the author and what's the title?

Author// Connor Franta

Title // A work in Progress

Autobiography or Biography

This is an autobiography because he's explaining everything from the first person. He explains his childhood that only he could remember, the way he feels, and how these changes have impacted him.

What is one struggle?

One of his main struggles was accepting who he really was inside. He had always had it easy when it came to making friends. But those friends never really knew who he was on the inside. Once he found out that the love he had for genders wasn't the same as everyone else , he was scared. He was scared that nobody would accept him in this crazy bizarre world. But he showed the world that he didn't care what others thought. He knew what he was destined for, and he certainly didn't let anything get in the way.


Once accomplishment of his was following his dreams and making them bigger than expected. He never really thought he was going to be this big YouTube sensation. But he it's exactly what he did.

How do they inspire me?

Connor Franta inspires me to be the person I want to become. I can't let these little problems in life ruin what is bound to come. I know that not everyone is going to accept me and I'm going to have to deal with it. But these little obstacles cannot get in the way of my future plans.

Inspiring Quote

"I can take the road to success or the road to failure, i thought , Both are just as easy. Or hard, depending on your perspective."


I definitely recommend this book to every person going through a hard time. This book teaches you life lessons.