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i have so much toys at my shop and they are like $ 30.00 or $ 45.00. and there is so much to look at my shop and if you buy 3 things you can win $ 4,00,1000 if you come to my shop you can have your our free thing that you wont but buy 18 thing you can win a dog or a cat. plzz call me at 1-80000-888


cats to win or a dog

they are so sweet to have in your home because they love there mommy and daddy at there home.

Baby toys are nice and cool to have .

Amber's Heintzs Walmart store

Saturday, Sep. 1st 2012 at 2:30pm to Sunday, Nov. 24th, 4:15am

Iowa City, IA

Iowa City, IA

monday 2;30 to 12;00 am tuseday 10;00 to 4;15am all weeked all


i have the best food and toys for your kids and the kids can get free toys if they come with you and they will get a gift card for $1,990,000 and your mom and dad will have a gift card for $190,018,00