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Saudis Arabia's main imports are cars, refined petroleum, gold, delivery trucks, and packaged medicaments. Saudi Arabia's main exports are crude petroleum, refined petroleum, petroleum gas, ethylene polymers, and propylene polymers. It's population is 30,067,500. Its capital is Riyadh.

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The first term is dictatorship. Dictatorship is government under control of one all-powerful leader. This relates to Saudi Arabia because they have been ruled by Al Saud family since 1932.

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Another word that relates to Saudi Arabia is silt, small particles of rich soil, because they have places like Qasim that are agriculturally important. It is the largest country in southwest Asia. It is covered with vast deserts. It has no rivers or permanent bodies of water.

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Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in Southwest Asia. Other countries in southwest Asia include Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Most of the countries border the Persian gulf.

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Saudi Arabia's main export is oil. It exports a lot of things related to oil. Oil is still its largest export though.

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About 70% of the population live in Urban areas. It refers to living in urban areas defined by national statistical offices. It was last measured at 25612976 in 2014.