Actual Awesomeness in 2014

An Inspirational Circle by Sofie Kokelenberg

How awesome will your 2014 actually be? 3/4 left!

How will you make sure that you take it to the next level in 2014? That you actually do pick up that new language or skill, land that dreamjob or get your hands on that degree? We're already at a quarter of the year so maybe you need a little boost with those resolutions or you're just curious about how to kickstart and continue the rest of 2014 with guaranteed awesomeness? Then this session is for you!

(max 6 people!)

What's an inspirational circle?

A concept that aims to be the inspirational equivalent of a cup of coffee: sessions that inspire, refresh and boost your personal/professional development. The inspirational circles platform is much like a TEDtalk 2.0, it doesn’t stop at inspirational content – it takes it to the next level – makes it personal and tangible.

In concreto:
Sessions will use any or all of these to get you on the verge of your comfort zone:
  • mental excersises (no worries, they're all down to earth)
  • presentations of inspirational content ( experiences, books, videoclips,etc.)
  • discussions & reflection (sharing = caring!)
  • secret ingredient...

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Where the magic happens

Bring: your favorite snack, a notebook/ideabook, a pen
Dresscode: whatever you're comfortable in, but doesn't make the rest uncomfortable
Language: English or Dutch depending on group
Location: Gasstraat 34 (Kapellen station is 4min walk!)
Time: TBA, please fill in poll in FB event! (duration: max 1h- 1h30)

Your host

Language and music junky, indulger of guilty pleasures and forever on the move through travel and learning.