Jessica Winchel

About ISIS:

  • ISIS is in Iraq and Syria is a Islamic radical group that controls over 34,000 square miles in both Syria and Iraq. Their goal is to convert the world to believe in their radical ideas and religion. The group is best known for carrying out terrorist attacks that kill hundreds of people at one time or carrying out public executions and crucifixions.


  • We don't know much about their strategies, but what we do know is that they're well thought out and do not have too many flaws. For example, in the Paris Attacks that were claimed by ISIS, they only had a handful of suicide bombers die in the whole situation, which was exactly what was planned. The goal is to scare people, making threats.

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  • ISIS has threatened the world with their attacks or said attacks. They have made threats to many states in the United States and many other nations World wide. ISIS is a very dangerous group and has the ability to cause a lot of problems for the world. During the Paris Attacks, there was not any known threats, just because there are not threats in place, doesn't mean a well thought out attack can't happen anywhere.