MAY 25, 2023

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Good Afternoon Families,

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family happy and healthy. It is hard to believe we are down to the last nine days for our eighth graders and thirteen for everyone else. This time of year is always my favorite. The excitement of summer is just around the corner, but between now and the end of school we have a lot going on. Please make sure that you are keeping up to date with the goings on by looking at the other information that Mrs. Nau has included in this newsletter.

Eighth grade parents - Please make sure that you are staying up to date on your student’s status for the week of promotion. There are certain expectations that your students must meet in order to go on the trip to Oaks Park on June 7, 2023. Students cannot be failing any of their classes or have any major referrals. If your student has received a major referral, then Mr. Olson will have made sure you are aware that they will not be attending the trip.

We are in the midst of planning our field day on June 14, 2023. This is always a lot of fun for our students and staff. We play different games and spend the day outside laughing and having a great time. It is always a wonderful way to send students off to summer vacation.

There are a lot of other activities planned at specific grade levels. Your individual teachers should be contacting and staying connected with you in order to keep you up to date with all the happenings. I’m looking forward to our last couple weeks of school. State testing is winding down and the students and staff are ready for a well deserved break. We still have learning to do. Don’t get me wrong. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are coming upon it quickly.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Please remember the significance of this holiday. Many refer to it as a day to kick off their summer activities. Memorial Day commemorates all the men and women who have lost their lives while serving our great country, so please keep those families in your thoughts and prayers as you enjoy your long weekend.

Take care,

Mr. Proctor

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  • Promotion is June 8th at 7:00 pm at Stayton High School. Students need to be at the high school by 6:30 pm. Students should dress nicely but not formally. School dress code applies.
  • Also this day, there will be promotion activities which include breakfast, practice and signing yearbooks. Release time will be approximately 11am but could be as early as 10:30am. No bus service is available
  • The Fun Day to Oaks Park is scheduled for June 7th. Students will leave at 8:15 am and return at 2:00 pm. There will be a $10.00 fee per student and includes an unlimited ride bracelet. Permission slips were handed out at the beginning of May and need to be returned ASAP. In order to be eligible for the Fun Day, students must follow the guidelines below. This applies to the period of April 24th to June 7th. All fines must also be paid.

  • No major pink referral
  • No more than two minor yellow referrals
  • No more than three unexcused absences
  • No F’s by June 5
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