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Human Height

The Increased Production Of Growth Hormone

If sudden enlargement of the brain due to the increased production of growth hormone, we could possibly prevent a malfunction.

By choosing to deal with scientists from the University of Cincinnati in the U.S, the study included 71 patients and, for comparison, 59 healthy boys. The disease occurs is about four times more often in boys than in girls. Both groups were compared head circumference, height, weight, and level of growth hormone.

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The results were interesting. Boys with autism had significantly larger head diameter, which is expected. In addition, but also had significantly higher weight than boys in the group without autism. The height is contrary to each other boys did not differ. However, growth hormone levels were compared to healthy boys much higher in males suffering from autism.

It therefore appears that the increased level of growth hormone in children with autism could participate in the development of this disease. In the future, perhaps we can look forward to that manages to reveal the cause of autism. A time will probably be even preventing its occurrence.

Emotional suffering of a child may have a negative effect on growth hormone - It is said that children who grow up in single-parent families or otherwise suffered emotionally, grow much smaller height than children from normal families. It is thus really emotional distress effect on the growth of a child and if so it is possible to somehow defend.